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ONUCI Tour goes to Doké : local people happy to be better informed

ONUCI Tour, the community sensitisation caravan made a stop in Doké sous-préfecture on 25 November 2015, to discuss several issues with local people.

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People in Tourédougou sensitised on gender-based violence and the strengthening of social cohesion

Community leaders, women, youths and members of civil society groups in Tourédougou were sensitised by UNOCI on the detrimental effects of gender-based violence on strengthening social cohesion on Wednesday, 25 November 2015.

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Reinforcement of social cohesion and peace in Mampleu: UNOCI exchanges with local people

A UNOCI delegation went to Mampleu, for the first time on 23 November 2015, during its sensitization campaign to reinforce social cohesion and maintain a peaceful environment in this locality.

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UNOCI and the people of Assuéfry discuss strengthening social cohesion

ONUCI Tour, on 20 Novembre 2015, made a stop in the department of Tanda, in Assuéfry, the capital of the sous-préfecture, situated at some 54 km from Bondoukou.

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